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University Of Mississippi Scholarships, Requirements, How To Apply



University Of Mississippi Scholarships

UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI SCHOLARSHIPS: Finding financial aid for your education can be hard, but there are ways to get it so you don’t have to worry about being able to go to school.

University Of Mississippi Scholarships can help you put together the funds you need in order to pursue your studies without getting into too much debt after graduation.

But how do you find the right scholarship? And how can you make sure that you choose the right one?

This guide to University Of Mississippi Scholarships will give you all the answers, plus some tips on how to narrow down your options and increase your chances of winning.

University of Mississippi provides extensive scholarship opportunities to its students, and if you know where to look, you’ll have no trouble securing funding to cover your college costs.

The scholarships available at this university are wide-ranging and can be used in conjunction with other forms of financial aid, including grants, loans, and work-study jobs.

University Of Mississippi Scholarships requirements.

The University of Mississippi provides a few opportunities for merit-based scholarships. These opportunities are: The College and Scholarship awards, the University Athletic Awards, the Academic Excellence Awards, and the General Scholarship Award.

The College and Scholarship awards range from $1,000 to $6,000 each year for students who are classified as an independent or dependent student. To be eligible for this award you must: be in a college classification that is at least 5 years in length; have completed at least 12 credit hours with a 3.2 GPA or higher; be enrolled full-time (a minimum of 12 hours); complete your FAFSA by March 1st; and complete your application before July 1st.

How To Apply For University Of Mississippi Scholarships

To apply for University Of Mississippi Scholarships, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Scholarship Information page, which lists all scholarship opportunities and links to the form for each one.
  2. Answer a few basic questions about yourself, such as your major, year in school, GPA and desired area of study.
  3. Browse scholarships by choosing an academic major from the list or scrolling through the alphabetical listing. Click on the scholarship link provided and answer a few additional questions related to that particular scholarship opportunity (e.g., preferred geography or specific topic area).
  4. Fill out an application online by answering questions and attaching any required materials like transcripts or resumes.
University Of Mississippi Scholarships

University Of Mississippi Students – Department of Art

What Scholarships Can You Apply For?

Through the generous support of our many donors, the University offers a wide range of scholarships for students.

University Of Mississippi has more than 100 need-based awards which are given out through the Office of Financial Aid on a yearly basis. The need-based award amount ranges from $200-$3,000 per year and can be combined with Federal Pell Grants to cover your full tuition and cost-of-living expenses.

There are also 20 merit-based scholarships available to all undergraduate applicants that include an additional $500 each in terms of their financial aid package.

The University has many different scholarships offered every year. Some are merit-based and others are need-based. These scholarships range from a little as $500 to over $6,000 per year. The most popular scholarship is the academic scholarship which covers up to in-state tuition plus room and board at around $17,000 per year.

As you can see there are many available scholarships that will fit your financial situation at this prestigious university so make sure you check out the wide variety.

The Scholarships may award up to $18,000 per year in tuition and mandatory fees.

In addition, Academic Excellence Awards can provide an additional $8,000 per year in tuition and mandatory fees.

When Can I Apply For The University Of Mississippi Scholarships?

Applications for scholarships open at the beginning of each academic year and close April 1.

One does not need to be enrolled at The University of Mississippi in order to apply for a scholarship.

However, students are only eligible for one University Of Mississippi Scholarships, so it is advised that students also research other available scholarships.

It is worth noting that there is no preference given based on major or any specific field of study. Also, applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents with a GPA greater than 2.5 for the current school year or an ACT score greater than 19 on their most recent test date (scores updated less frequently than once per year).

What If I Can’t Use The University Of Mississippi Scholarships Right Away?

If you are unable to use your scholarship as soon as it is issued, the balance can be deferred for one year. Funds that have been deferred should be used by June 30th of the following year or risk being forfeited. The re-issuance fee for deferred scholarships is $25 per semester or term.

If a student wishes to transfer their scholarship from one academic institution to another, the re-issuance fee is also $25 per semester or term.1

Do They Provide Feedback After Receiving My Application?

Applicants who are selected for review will be notified within a month by email. We’ll ask that you provide us with your name, institution, and the link to your application for verification purposes. We’ll also need a copy of your official transcript and test scores. If you don’t hear from us within a month, it means we have not selected you for review at this time.

What Documents Do I Need To Complete An Application?

There are a few forms you need to complete an application. For freshmen and transfer students, it’s the common application, university housing contract form and the financial aid agreement form.

Transfer applicants will also need an SAT/ACT score report sent in. For international students, there is another form that needs to be completed. No matter what, all documents will be uploaded on the University Of Mississippi website as soon as they’re received by admissions staff.

Below are some other documents needed;

  • Proof of being accepted into the university.
  • Your high school transcript, your GPA, and class rank.
  • Evidence you have been accepted into at least one postsecondary institution or program.
  • An SAT or ACT score, a CEEB code and results in essay component if applying to the honors college.
  • A letter that details your educational goals and what made you choose Ole Miss as your top choice for school.
  • A letter from your present high school principal or guidance counselor detailing your scholastic strengths as well as extracurricular involvement, community service, volunteer work and work experience.

How Can You Contact University Of Mississippi?

Yes, you can call in your application. Call toll-free at 1-877-458-2778 (1-877-4UOLIVE) or email Undergraduate Admissions for more information about completing the online application.

For more informations and how to apply for University of Mississippi, visit the University admission portal here

When Is The Deadline For Submissions?

The final deadline for submitting an application with either ACT or SAT scores is May 31. Decisions will be sent out by June.


There are many scholarships available to students at all different universities, but some schools offer much more than others.

If you’re going to be attending the University of Mississippi, or Ole Miss as it’s often called, you may wonder if there are any special opportunities or programs you should look into before committing to a school that has too few scholarship opportunities.

The answer is yes not only does Ole Miss have an array of scholarship opportunities, they also provide lots of information on how and where to apply for them, so check out the one that suit your need so they can help in paying your tuition.

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