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Top Five Countries With No Tuition Fee In 2022



Top Five Countries With No Tuition Fee In 2022

Top Five Countries With No Tuition Fee In 2022. Do you know amidst the increase in tuition fees in different universities across the globe there are countries with little to no tuition fees incurred on students rise in across the world?.

A recognized degree or qualification abroad seem to be impossible without a dollar/ euros bank account or without obtaining a scholarship.
If you are unable to qualify for fully-funded university scholarships, tuition free or low tuition fee or those offering tuition fee waivers universities should be considered for enrollment.

Countries like Norway, Austria, Germany, Finland, and Iceland offer different types of low/free tuition programmes and tuition waivers for international students.

Below is our list of Top Five Countries With No Tuition Fee In 2022 base on our current research.


Germany has been well known to be a prospective location to achieving academic desires by students. With the exception of Baden Wattenberg University all other universities are free for both international and local undergraduate students at public universities regardless of race, religion, sex or nationality.

Although some federal states do require a fee of 100-200 EUR for administrative purposes per year which cover students cafeteria, bus tickets to school and more. per year and an additional 50 EUR for semester fee/purposes.

Foreign study interest increases in Germany. Many online universities are known to be hosted by Gemany which are tuition free. Undergraduate and graduate degrees, can be studied for free in public German universities. Generally this is for international students worldwide regardless of weather the students are inside or outside the EU/EEA zone.

Yearly, over a 100,000 qualified German and international students are provided with financial support to study and live in German at the most affordable cost or for free by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD: Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst).

The domestic and international students of all levels, are offered Scholarships as well to study in Germany and this includes academics and researchers.

Although undergraduate studies are free in Germany, tuition fees are paid for Master’s studies in Germany, but they’re not as expensive as countries.
Doctoral studies at German universities are FREE.

After completing the first six semesters PhD students are charged tuition although they are required to pay a semester contribution of 150-200 euros per semester. Doctoral students sometimes receive Scholarships or work on a research project.

Germany cost of study: 500-800 euros is spent on an average by German students for transport, food, accommodation and other expenses.


Students at university colleges and state universities do not need to pay tuition fees this is applicable to undergraduate studies, Masters programmes and Ph.D. programmes. Although private universities although they are significantly lower than other private universities in other countries, also international students don’t pay higher tuition fees than Norwegian students.

However, for undergraduate studies done in public universities, NOK 300-600 will have to be paid by students each semester as semester fees, and this fee has to be paid in full in order to be granted access to examinations. But the fee also guarantees several benefit grants which a student is entitled to in the local students welfare organization.

Benefits consist of on campus health services, access to sports facilities, cultural activities and so on.

The semester fee also enable students get an official student card that, also the semester fee enables you to get lower ticket prices to various cultural events and reduced fares on most public transport.

Although international students have to be fluent in Norwegian to due to the fact that most undergraduate programs are taught only in Norwegian. English Language is spoken in the Master’s and PhD level and the free tuition is also applicable to these programmes. Foreign students don’t pay higher.

Norway cost of study: Living expenses in Norway are considerably higher than in many other countries and it could amount to NOK 90,000-100,000 averagely per year.

Universities graduates

Some Norway University’s Graduates


Another country on our Top Five Countries With No Tuition Fee In 2022 list is Finland.

In general Nordic countries also known as Northern European countries Northern European countries which are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden offer opportunities to study at a low cost or for free. Specifically Finland, formerly tuition fees in Finland were completely free.

However since 2017 tuition fees which will be a minimum of US$1,600 which is equivalent to €1500 per year, are charged to non-EU students. Although Doctoral level studies will are free of tuition fees, regardless of your nationality, race, ethnicity or sex. The fee depends on the extent of the degree.

The EDUFI Fellowships cover living expenses for Doctoral studies for one academic year.

Cost of Living in Finland: A single students living expenses is averagely around 700-900 Euros per month in Finland.


For Austrian students who have not exceeded the limit of their study programme plus two semesters, no fee will be paid but after two semesters, you will have to pay € 363.36 each semester, this is also applicable to students who are of the same status as Austrians (i.e. nationals of all EEA and EU member countries).

Other students €726.72 per semester will have to be paid by students from third countries i.e international students, who are in possess a residence permit for students). Other students in degree programmes from third countries (most especially for those who have a residence title other than a “residence permit student”, € 363.36 is usually paid per semester after the tuition fee-free period.

In special cases like participants in exchange programmes and university partnerships or students from the least developed countries, an exemption from payment of tuition fee is possible.

Cost of Living in Austria: The cost of living for students covers food, personal expenses and accommodation in Austria and is approximately 800 Euros per month.


Study in Iceland

Universities with no or little tution fees in Iceland

In Iceland’s public universities tuition fees are not paid. However, a non refundable application fee will compulsorily be paid by students. The application fee costs between 250 to 650 euros.

International and local students who wish to study at private institutions and universities will have to pay both tuition and registration fees. The fees charged at Private higher institutions and universities are low compared to other European institutions.

The fees charged by private higher educationbinstitutions and universities in Iceland vary between the range of €4500 to €8000 but depending on the course of the students choice.

Germany, Norway, Finland, Austria and Iceland all made the list of our top five countries with no tuition fee in 2022.Top Five Countries With No Tuition Fee In 2022.

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