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If you follow our previous articles on “the top five graduate jobs in the engineering industry” then we would further our discussion on best opportunities for students travelling abroad to work times time.

We hope you really gain much from it.

  • Call Centres

Call centers employ some of the overseas students who are looking for work. This is a great option for people who are outgoing and pleasant, as well as self-assured in their ability to communicate verbally and/or by computer. In addition, positions in contact centers do not require much physical exertion, making them an excellent option for those who choose or are required to work in an office setting.

On the other side, working at a call center can be a strenuous occupation at times. You need to have outstanding communication skills in addition to language skills that are above average.

There is a wide range of complexities associated with working in call centers. Telesales jobs, for instance, are among the most challenging and high-pressure opportunities available; However, they frequently come with commission for each sale, which can significantly increase your income.

Working in a customer support center, on the other hand, necessitates having an in-depth familiarity with the products, services, and business that you represent, and training on these kinds of services and products is typically provided to employees during their on-the-job training.

  • Jobs related to providing customer service

The job postings for positions related to providing service to customers are frequently a good place to start looking for work. Because of the flexible work shifts and on-the-job training that are typically provided in customer service jobs, first-time job seekers may be able to get employment in this field on a part-time basis. It is a fantastic opportunity to pick up a wide variety of transferrable skills, and some companies even provide further training or professional development so that employees can advance their careers while still working for the company. This is a potential area of interest for you if you take an interest in how people are greeted and also take pleasure in communicating with other individuals.

Again, this presents the possibility of working a reduced schedule during the weeks that you are in school and a full-time schedule during the summers between each year of study. Last but not least, positions relating to customer service may be found in every industry, from the arts and culture to the fashion and sports industries.

Students Travelling Abroad

  • Internship

You might be able to get experience in your field of study by participating in a work-study program, also known as a cooperative education opportunity (co-op) or a placement. Working as an intern not only provides you with the much-needed experience but also opens up a wide variety of doors for you. Once you have finished your studies, the employer might even consider hiring you on the spot if the job is relevant to your field of study and the location in which you are completing them.

You might look at an internship not just as a potential career chance but also as a way to obtain some valuable experience in your profession. An internship will provide you with a lot of experience that is relevant to the field in which you are studying. It is conceivable that you will be compensated for your internship; however, this will depend on the specifics of the situation.

During the course of your studies for certain degrees, you may be required to complete a co-op placement, which could either be paid or unpaid.

  • Volunteering

International students have access to a wide variety of possibilities for volunteer work, which can help them develop experience and make new connections. One of the most satisfying and engaging employment options is to work as a volunteer, and the fact that there is such a diverse selection of roles to choose from is one of the most significant benefits of volunteering. Because there is a greater variety of tasks available for volunteers, there is a greater possibility that you will be able to select a position that you will enjoy doing. Because there are a lot of businesses and organizations who are searching for volunteers, this is a fantastic opportunity for overseas students to get engaged in the community and earn some much-needed work experience.

The act of volunteering not only paves the way for numerous chances for international students, but it also equips you with valuable professional experience and makes your resume more versatile.

The fact that these roles are unpaid is the most significant distinction between them and voluntary work. This employment chance will not, as a result, enable you to pay for additional social activities or save some money for the future.

For these reasons, volunteering is an excellent option for people who do not need to work to support themselves, as well as for overseas students who are able to combine their volunteer work with paid employment.

Term-Time Employment in Contrast to Summer Jobs

In conclusion, it is important to point out that even if you do not feel comfortable working during the academic year or during the weeks that you spend studying, you may still find full-time or part-time work during the summer months, when you do not have any classes to attend.

The main distinction is that you will have the opportunity to work full-time hours, which, although it varies from country to country, will generally be permitted on student visas. You should be able to continue working part-time hours; in fact, depending on the specifics of your situation, you could even be able to maintain the same part-time employment for the entire academic year, regardless of whether or not it conflicts with your study weeks.

However, knowing that you have the option of working in the time between terms or semesters, during which you can obtain useful experience in a more concentrated time frame, can be advantageous and is something you should be aware of.

It is important to note that this list is not exhaustive; therefore, you need not feel discouraged if you come across a new employment opportunity while you are away at school.

To get the most out of studying in a different country, you should keep an open mind about the possibilities of works for students travelling abroad

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